Luna tea infusion

We LOVE our new gem water bottles from Vitajuwel. Especially because they come with a handy tea insert, so you can use them for hot or cold tea brewing.

My favorite tea at the moment is a luna tea infusion perfectly matched to the Luna rainbow moonstone bottle for that time a month, where us women need a little extra nurture and self care.

This is a floral tasting and deeply calming tea blend of white jasmine, black goji berries, a sqeeze of lime, linden blossom and blue mallow blossoms (malva sylvestris).




  • Fill the Vitajuwel tea filter with 2 teaspoons of the tea blend
  • Insert filter in the bottle and fill the bottle with 70 degree hot water
  • Let it steep for 5-20 mins.
  • Add a sqeeze of lime and notice the colour change from blue to deep purple.
  • Sip and enjoy!
  • TIP you can reuse your tea leaves twice.


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