Our famous skin clearing beauty shot

This BEAUTY SHOT is one of our little secrets for healthy skin and fascia tissue. If you have cellulite this is a must. The taste is not for the faint of hearted as it’s strong but in this recipe we added lemon and frozen sea buckthorn berries for a refreshing version😜

It contains powerful anti-inflammatory phytonutrients to reduce inflammation and redness. The orange plant pigments protect your skin from oxidative damage. Whole lemon, turmeric and rosehips help promote good elimination and support our hard working livers excrete excess hormones.

Lecithin and omega 3 support healthy skin cell membranes and flexible fascia tissue.


1 slice of organic lemon with peel
4 TBS organic frosen sea buckthorn berries
2 TBS organic rosehip powder
2 TSP organic turmeric powder
1 TSP lecithin granules
1 glass of water
1 pinch of black pepper
1 small piece of ginger
2 TSP Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fish oil or cod liver oil

Blend everything except fish oil. Pour into a glass and stir in the fish oil. Drink immidiately.

We recommend a beauty shot a day for 1-3 months to see and feel a difference in your skin and cellulite. And remember your daily gua sha massage of course.

TIP this beauty shot is also great if you suffer from skin break outs and redness.

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